Спутник (can you hear me?)

Спутник (can you hear me?), 2020 Polyurethane, steel, electric motor and audio Music by Nick Samuels ‘Carry On’ Sputnik in Russian has multiple meanings: companion, fellow traveller, attendant, though its meaning has become synonymous with satellites since the launch of Sputnik 1.  This project came about […]

Make me hurt, with Pleasure

‘Make me hurt, with Pleasure’ is a collaborative work by Irina Starkova and Samuel Padfield exploring the ubiquity of quasi-medical aesthetic practices and the fetishization of cosmetic procedures. The resulting self-styled commercial is an inquiry into the tangibility of achieving physical improvements and the antithetical […]

Lossless Terraforming

For this project, I developed a virtual replica of a Russian dacha, based on visits and conversations with settlers in Donino, a village in the Moscow suburbs. The village is simply called 41km, referencing its distance from Moscow. I planned and designed an in-game engine […]

Aligning yourself with forever

I started exploring cosmism as a framework for social critique and a way of confronting existing power structures. Cosmist thought interprets death as a design flaw that can be overcome by advances in technology. 3 channel video projection On a spiritual level cosmism places preservation […]

Spinning Tops

100x180cm projection HD video and EEG Brainwave Headset I was interested in exploring how we interact with an artwork. I developed an installation using 3D animation and EEG technology where the animation was activated based on the individual’s thought processes to explore how we experience […]