‘Hirudo’ is a collaborative work by Irina Starkova and Samuel Padfield exploring the ubiquity of quasi-medical aesthetic practices and the fetishization of cosmetic procedures. The resulting self-styled commercial is an inquiry into the tangibility of achieving physical improvements and the antithetical fragility of flesh in […]


Спутник (Sputnik), 2020 Polyurethane, steel, electric motor and audio Music by Nick Samuels ‘Carry On’ Sputnik in Russian has multiple meanings: companion, fellow traveller, attendant, though its meaning has become synonymous with satellites since the launch of Sputnik 1.  This project came about from my interest […]


Above: 3D render on 21” screen, steel chain and rig, graphene, fabric sling. 60x70x130cm The work is composed of a 3D render and sculpture. The name is derived from the language of digital editing, where rigging involves the construction of a skeletal mesh to generate character […]


Prop for somatic tension 140x60x55cm Bonded bronze on steel frame   This work looks our relationship with our own bodies through our relationship with objects. The primal pose of the work relates to body-centric logic of materialist theories and what dematerialisation means for the modern […]


For this project, I developed a virtual replica of a Russian dacha, based on visits and conversations with settlers in Donino, a village in the Moscow suburbs. The village is simply called 41km, referencing its distance from Moscow. I planned and designed an in-game engine […]


I started exploring cosmism as a framework for social critique and a way of confronting existing power structures. Cosmist thought interprets death as a design flaw that can be overcome by advances in technology. 3 channel video projection On a spiritual level cosmism places preservation […]


Oza – Digital study of hybrid human form I created a series of digital portraits to explore the use of proxies for physical presence and how we encounter digital identities.


100x180cm projection HD video and EEG Brainwave Headset I was interested in exploring how we interact with an artwork. I developed an installation using 3D animation and EEG technology where the animation was activated based on the individual’s thought processes to explore how we experience […]